Social activities as a source of life satisfaction and a way of well-being

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Join us May 29 at. 17:00 on the Zoom platform and discover how social activities can become a source of your life satisfaction.

Did you know that social activities can significantly improve your well-being and give you real satisfaction with life? Join our webinar to learn how getting involved in helping others can impact your life, where and how you can get involved socially, and how to find time for activist activities. Our expert, Renata Korolczuk and Diana Dyba of TrueMe will share their own experience, knowledge and practice of years of social action and inspire you to act in harmony with yourself, your needs and abilities.


Diana Dyba

  • Author of the social project Let’s Do It Together for Bees
  • author of The Great Bee Exhibition
  • entrepreneur
  • co-founder of TrueMe

An entrepreneur with 19 years of experience. She has comprehensive professional experience in the areas of creative marketing, brand management and business development. Creator and producer of the social action Together for Bees project and the Great Exhibition of Bees. A promoter of living in harmony with nature and in harmony with each other, supporting nature and climate protection by caring for biodiversity and wild bees. Author of the blog Co-founder of TrueMe.

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Webinar Topics:

As part of the social campaign #wybieramsiebie, in the module Bee, we will talk about:

  • Teamwork and volunteer work
  • Benefits of volunteering and social activities
  • Interest in the other person
  • Building a network of mutual assistance

Why is it worth it?

Social activities are not only about helping others, but also a way to improve one’s own well-being, increase one’s sense of agency and satisfaction with life. Choosing ourselves also means acting for others – together we can create a better world.

Webinar Leaders:

Malgosia Zebrowska

TrueMe representative, co-organizer of #wybieramsiebie campaign



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