Sophia Nalkowska’s slogan from more than a century ago: “we want all of life” is still relevant especiallyóespecially now, when professional work takes up more and more of our time and society places many demands on parents.

During webinar organiorganized by TrueMe, we talked about how to live life to the fullest, róincluding as parents, and encourage to live a fulfilledfulfilled life for our children.

We often ask ourselves how we can live up to our values, and jedat the same time provide proper support for children. Is our personality, our qualities character, our passions and interests do not interfere with being a good, supportive parent? Can we afford to be spontaneous while still providing Our children a sense of security?

These questions were swirling around in my head a few dobrent years after the birth of my first child.
There is no denying it – parents are struggling with numerous doubts, especiallyóespecially
Today, when we are increasingly aware that our choices, decisions, our everyday attitudes influence the development ofój of children from the moment of birth.

We’re rolling A constant dialogue with myself: was my behavior okay? Whether my child can really count on me? Will it by chance turn out when it is adult that I exposed/exposed them to a traumatic experience? Often answers are sometimes critical, because we demand a lot from ourselveso.

On the other hand, as families, we still succumb to social pressures – on parenting we know everyone, from the elderly gentleman whoóry brings to our attention when our baby is out of timepeons on the walk (my experience), through mother-in-law, wedlye której our córka should already be walking as far as a teacher in elementaryówce, noting that the son did not knows how to tie a ropeówek. MóIt is even believed that the best at parenting are those who are childless, and there’s probably something to that.

To this day I remember my beginnings as a mother whoóre – opróin thatthatwere associated with with traumaą of premature birth – they meant the absolute end of me as a woman, a person person with a certain professionód, and finally – as a soul of company, surrounded by carefree colleagues. My friends were inóchildless at the time, and I functioned mostly as “Mama Zebrowska,” the mother of a premature baby in the neonatal unit. Then it went gradually changed and I managed, after intensive work on my development, toreturnto my old self.

Nour children rós also face challenges in preserving their identities and Developing the full potential. The school system is focused on correction and evaluation. The most important things in school are postprogress in education, preparation for examsów, rather than developmentóemotional and cognitive development.

According to the ranking PISA Poland ranks among the last places when it comes to establishing friendly relationships and emotional security, because the priority is given to results in the form of little móbinding grades.

Faced with such an atmosphere outside, it is important that we create for ourselves at home withoutA sealed space. So that we have empathy for each other, understanding, support each other in our ventures and passions, were able to express without any harm the fullness of our emotions and móc get rid of a number of masks with which weówith which we go out into the world.

As co-founder of TrueMe, a platform that supports the development ofópersonal development and the journey towards authenticityauthenticity – I believe that the prerequisite for supporting the development of our children, bringing out their natural talentsów and predispositions, is to get to know oneself. Under pressure, We often lose the way to realize our needs, live a life imposed on us by the media, public opinion, the environment. Lost and confused, we do not give the right wsparing children.

About the return to authenticityof We talked to Alexander Drzewiecki, co-founder of theof the platform, chairman of the board of the foundation We Give Strength to Children, a dad of dwójki children. Here you can watch our meeting. You will learn what an authentichonesty in parenting, how to foster it in yourself and your own children, and how to build deep, true relationships in the family.

And what does authenticity in parenting mean to you?
What are your difficulties?

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