In today’s world, where mental health disorders pose a significant health and economic challenge, technology will play an increasingly important role in supporting therapists in scaling their assistance.. It is estimated that by 2030, depression will become the most common illness worldwide, generating costs of around a trillion dollars annually. At TrueMe, we believe that innovative technological solutions, applied purposefully and appropriately, can help increase access to therapy and minimize these costs.


Mental disorders account for 13% of the global disease burden,and by 2030, depression is expected to be the most common illness worldwide. Depression costs the global economy $1 trillion annually and is estimated to cause the loss of 200 million workdays each year. Mental disorders are projected to cost nearly one-third of the projected $47 trillion incurred by all non-communicable diseases by 2030.


Why is this happening? In today’s society, a large part of the population operates on “autopilot.” We lack self-care habits, and specialists have limited capabilities compared to the growing market demands.. Additionally, there is limited ability to assess the effectiveness of tools and controlhow they are used by users. In response to these challenges, the technological startup TrueMe will provide simple and verifiable tools for therapists and content creators focusing on personal development and mental health prevention.


TrueMe is building infrastructure to support therapists in addressing their limited capabilities in the face of growing market needs. It will provide affordable and more accessible tools for preventive health and supporting the treatment process. The blockchain technology utilized by TrueMe guarantees data integrity and privacy, enables micropayments, and utilizes non-fungible tokens to enhance patient engagement in the therapeutic process. Behavioral data indexed on the blockchain will serve to train LLMlarge language model) and will form the basis for the virtual therapist assistant.


What does this mean in practice for therapists?


1.We are introducing technology into psychology – enabling and facilitating therapists to leverage the latest technological solutions and amplify their impact.

2. We ensure collaboration with content creators:: therapists will be able to collaborate with content creators to create their own 28-day programs, which will support patients between therapy sessions or serve as part of mental health prevention.

3. We enable content monetization, from the moment the recipient encounters a particular work: micropayments will allow therapists and content creators to earn from their works, such as e-books or podcasts, as users pay for access to content. In turn, users will receive compensation for providing feedback, encouraging them to regularly use programs and provide valuable feedback.

4. We provide the opportunity to refine therapeutic programs: through feedback from users, therapists and content creators will be able to continuously improve their programs and subsequent works, tailoring them to the needs of their audience.

5. We support maintaining self-discipline: 28-day programs will help patients maintain self-discipline between therapy sessions, such as through regular monitoring of their emotions or refraining from substance use, contributing to more effective therapy.

6. We enable global social diagnostics: data stored on the blockchain will be transparent and anonymous, allowing for the creation of a large, credible database of patient data, enabling global social diagnostics.

7.We provide the opportunity to monitor patient progress: Therapists will have access to the progress of their patients through feedback, allowing them to better tailor therapy to individual needs and encourage continued collaboration.


In summary, here’s how TrueMe addresses three key challenges in mental health prevention and therapy:


Lack of self-care habits

  • TrueMe offers financial incentivesthat motivate self-care, mental health prevention, and continuation of therapy. Utilizing technology to implement a reward mechanism is a key element in building positive habits and changing harmful behaviors.


Limited therapist capabilities compared to growing market demands

  • Therapists can reach thousands of patients through their preventive programs and create tools to support their patients during therapy, enabling them to more effectively meet growing market needs.


Lack of control over tool effectiveness and user accountability

  • With blockchain technology, TrueMe ensures tracking and control of data and user behaviors, guaranteeing tool effectiveness and placing full responsibility for the therapeutic process in the hands of patients.


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