Spring is fast approaching, which many of us associate with joy and new beginnings. As the password
“Get to know yourself with joy”
, it is in the spring that we launch our information and education campaign.

We are pleased to announce that the first opportunity to meet TrueMe live, will be the Women of Success Week, branded and organized by students of the Warsaw School of Economics.

What is Success Women’s Week?

Week of Women of Success
is one of the most unique events organized by female students of the Warsaw School of Economics. The project is an initiative of members of the ZSP SGH student organization. Lasting for a week, the series of interesting workshops and lectures is not only an inspiring moment, but also a unique opportunity to learn new skills, develop passions and build inspiring relationships.

During Women of Success Week, participants can also take part in panel discussions led by prominent experts, entrepreneurs and leaders in various fields. Topics of the meetings include a wide range of issues related to personal development, career, entrepreneurship, as well as social and cultural topics that are relevant to women (but not only!) in today’s society.

Lecture by Aleksanda Moose, CEO of TrueMe

The inaugural Women of Success Week will take place this Friday. 01. March, 2024, at. 16:30.

Then Aleksandra Moose, leader of TrueMe and graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, will talk about how to act with passion, in harmony with oneself, but also following market rules. TrueMe’s CEO will also reveal the behind-the-scenes of our operations, hint at how to become a supportive leader and how to cultivate your values in a stressful world that constantly demands something new from us. Ola will also talk about how we work at TrueMe, an organization that not only promotes the principles of good, respectful cooperation with each other and others, but also adheres to them on a daily basis.

A unique feature of the event will be the preview of our app – the

Journal Get to Know Yourself with Joy

, which builds and supports the habit of daily self-care. There will also be an opportunity for a personal conversation with our CEO – over a cocktail, relaxed and with a smile. We invite you already on 01.03, at. 4:30 pm to the Beauty Hall of the Powisle Power Plant. Admission to the meeting is free and open to the public, with advance registration HERE.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Aleksandra Moose will also participate in a panel on artificial intelligence in business, which will take place on 05. March, at. 5:10 pm, at the headquarters of the School of Economics. This insanely important aspect of the business of the 3.0 era is Ola’s personal passion and domain.

We will see you soon!

We are very happy to be part of an event celebrating the successes of women. Learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses, self-awareness, inspiration and enjoying the successes of others are the keys to a fulfilled life, which is an integral part of the TrueMe philosophy.