You dedicate a huge amount of time to creating valuable, substantive content, striving to deliver what is most interesting to your audience. You are an expert in your field and you want the online community to receive the most useful information. You do everything to ensure that your texts, podcasts, and audiovisual materials are of the highest quality…

But you focus on beating the algorithms instead of spreading your knowledge by expressing yourself.

Why is this happening?

Algorithms favor content that is easy to consume. Social media platforms promote materials that get more clicks and therefore quickly capture the attention of a larger number of users. Blogs, in order to compete, simplify and standardize content because scientific content attracts less attention than what is more accessible.

What do you do to adapt to the algorithms?

As a creator, you struggle with a paradox – you want to publish interesting, supportive content, but you expend a disproportionate amount of energy on capturing the audience’s attention. In an act of desperation, you post your photos, knowing that a human face gets more clicks than a few wise and valuable insights, even though you highly value your privacy and don’t like showing your life in everyday stories. You also try to build a community, use trending music for your reels, take care of aesthetics and graphic aspects, use the right hashtags, and publish at the right time… you do all this, and yet the only thing you cared about was supporting others by publishing content that would help them and sharing your significant experience.

What is the result?

Most of your work involves fighting for the audience’s attention, which distracts you from what you love most – educating yourself and publishing valuable content. You fall asleep and wake up with your smartphone in hand, tracking likes and community reactions to your content. You are increasingly stressed, and what once brought you joy – the prospect of sharing valuable content with others in exchange for remuneration – no longer does. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What does our technology guarantee?

At TrueMe, we create a solution that allows you to earn money from the content you create. Thanks to micropayments, TrueMe app users pay for listening to your podcast, reading an article, or a book right away. No more free content. Moreover, our solution facilitates collaboration between creators – we can distribute micropayments among any number of authors automatically. This means that our programs will be co-created by a team of three people: you as the content creator, an expert-therapist, and a personal development coach, and all of you will receive compensation.

TrueMe is a community.

At TrueMe, we create a community by building a network of mutual recommendations and compatible development programs. Your e-book on habits will be used in a therapeutic program for eating disorders and in a program for people wanting to quit nicotine addiction. Your podcast on self-confidence can, in turn, be linked to a therapeutic program helping to break free from a toxic relationship.

Sounds interesting?

If you want to get more information about TrueMe, write to us: We will answer any questions.