Discover yourself with joy

Do you feel like your life has deviated from what you dreamed of? You’re overwhelmed with an excess of responsibilities, and yet you still feel like you’re not productive enough. Your daily routine is filled with tasks imposed by others, and whenever you try to do something for yourself, it’s accompanied by feelings of guilt

When you finally have a moment for yourself, the rush of thoughts and never-ending to-do list scrolling through your mind prevent you from valuable relaxation…

Finally, you’re so exhausted that the only thing you have the energy for is mindlessly scrolling through social media and feeling down that your life isn’t as successful as others :(. Sounds familiar?

Perhaps because it’s not just your problem. You’re not alone in exhaustion, burnout, autopilot actions, and being the most demanding boss to yourself. Modern women, especially those who work and have people to take care of around them (children, elderly parents, pets), carry such a heavy burden on their shoulders that they can’t stop, breathe, and think about themselves. This results in a high and ever-increasing percentage of mental disorders.

A few facts:

Depression is among the top 20 leading causes of disability worldwide. Mental disorders and disorders related to substance abuse contribute to explaining as much as 31% of the global burden of disease (GBD), i.e., a comprehensive measure of health status that includes an analysis of mortality, disability, and health-threatening factors. 

Source: “What is our condition after the Covid-19 pandemic and how can it be improved?” by Dr. Tomasz Białas, Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Warsaw.

1.2 million people in Poland suffer from depression, and in 2021, benefits due to depression and coexisting diseases were received by 682 thousand patients.


The mental health of Poles is deteriorating. According to data from the Social Insurance Institution, in 2023, the number of sick leave certificates issued due to mental disorders and behavioral disorders increased alarmingly. ZUS calculated that last year there were 8.7% more such certificates than in the previous year, i.e., 2022. In 2023, doctors issued over 1.4 million medical certificates for such disorders, and insured persons spent 26 million days on sick leave due to such absences.


Answer yourself honestly:

When was the last time you asked yourself how you feel?

When did you just go for a walk, without any purpose (counting steps, shopping along the way)?

When did you eat a meal slowly, without nervously glancing at the clock?

Do you talk to yourself like you do to your best friend?

Are you understanding of your weaknesses?

Do you nurture relationships with loved ones that nourish you?

Systematic cultivation of a good relationship with yourself and loved ones provides much better and more lasting satisfaction than the most luxurious vacation once a year. Contact with yourself is a safety net that allows us to make better decisions for ourselves and pursue our own goals rather than others’.

Do you feel overwhelmed by everyday life and don’t know where to start getting to know yourself? Maybe it seems too complicated to you, and you’re not sure if you can find time for such “fancies”?

The simple solution to rebuilding your relationship with yourself and staying in close touch with yourself is the web application TrueMe Journal – Discover yourself with Joy. In our application, you’ll get only what you need – without using algorithms, distractions, without unnecessary information noise. It is built in collaboration with specialists and based on the latest knowledge about brain work, developing good habits, and the regulating role of emotions.

See how much a self-care habit gives you:

Your daily stress decreases, and the effects of negative experiences diminish

Your ability to concentrate increases, and memory improves

You regulate your mood more easily and learn faster

There’s a lower likelihood of experiencing depression

Your immunity to diseases, especially autoimmune and seasonal ones, strengthens

Your resistance to stress increases, and you function better in stressful situations

You have fewer problems with stress-induced insomnia

Your relationship with yourself improves, resulting in an improvement in relationships with others

Thanks to our Journal:

You’ll learn to express gratitude – this alone will reduce the anxiety you feel every day

You’ll start naming your emotions – and awareness of them gives greater mental stability

You’ll feel and get to know your body better – thanks to our proprietary relaxations and somatic exercises, you’ll make friends with it and appreciate it

You’ll start practicing mindfulness – stress-free and straightforward, we’ll guide you through exercises that counteract the effects of prolonged stress

You’ll recognize or remind yourself of your values, which will give you orientation as to whether it’s worth changing any aspect of your life and the courage to do so.

TrueMe Diary

It is a tool, owing to which in 28 days you will learn the habit of taking care of yourself (naming emotions, regulating stress, discovering your goals, values, etc.), which will be the first step for you to live an authentic life.

…Authenticity is a powerful force that can have a huge impact on your personal and professional life. By embracing authenticity and its core values of vulnerability and transparency, you can connect more deeply with others, build meaningful relationships and achieve success by taking action. So the next time you are faced with a decision or opportunity, ask yourself, “What would the authentic self do?”

– Jay Dhahan

TrueMe Journal reviews:

TrueMe Journal can serve as an invitation to pause, begin the adventure of mindfulness, and pay attention to your emotions, needs, and values. All these components are essential for making conscious decisions and skillfully taking care of yourself.

Anna Bezdziecka – career coach, career advisor, therapist, and consultant in mental resilience

After 33 years of private practice, I am grateful for a tool that can help my patients, needing more than just medication and psychotherapy. TrueMe Journal can give a new dimension to the world of psychology – scientifically proven protocols made available to people through an easy-to-use interface.

Cizelle Louw Clinical Psychologist

See how the Journal works

Our tutorial will show you how to properly register for the Journal and then log in. How to download the Journal icon to your phone. What to do when you skip a day of work with the Journal? We encourage you to read the tutorial for simple installation and the most convenient use of each Journal for you.


1. What does it mean that TrueMe Journal is a web application? Can I use it like a regular app?

You can use TrueMe Journal like a regular app by pinning it to the screen of your smartphone. To use it, you need internet access. 

2. You say that the Journal is an app for building a self-care habit for 28 days. What happens next?

To finish working with the Journal, you should complete each exercise without interrupting the 28-day period of continuous work. If you fail to do so and interrupt at any point, the Journal will send you back to the beginning of your work, regardless of when you interrupted it. This means you can work with the Journal for much longer than 28 days, as we do not limit the number of attempts to complete the 28-day process. When you finish it, working with the Journal also ends. And the adventure of nurturing a habit begins on your own.

3. What happens to my data that I put in the Journal?

You can delete all your data yourself when you finish working with the Journal. They are not stored anywhere. For research and statistical purposes, we only store anonymized surveys (question: how well do you know yourself, asked at the beginning and end of working with the Journal).

4. During the work with the Journal, can I count on any care from TrueMe?

From TrueMe, you’ll receive several emails about best practices in habit nurturing and invitations to webinars and workshops if you agree to receive marketing information. You will also have the opportunity to download our proprietary relaxations to listen to whenever you want. We do not send notifications to your phone or reminders every day – we care about you regaining a sense of agency, and we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. The habit-building process is in your hands.

5. Okay, but what if I have any questions, doubts, suggestions...

You can always write to our email: We respond to every message.

6. Will I get detailed instructions on how to work with the TrueMe Journal?

Yes, you will get them just after the purchase.

7. What if the Journal makes me feel worse about myself? I don't like and don't know how to think about myself, I'm afraid I'm taking on too much commitment.

It may happen that the Journal triggers difficult emotions in you or that memories hidden in your subconscious return. Sometimes this happens when we return to ourselves and regain insight into our own lives. Contrary to appearances, this is a positive action – sooner or later, you would have to deal with it. If you feel worse during or after working with the Journal, we recommend contacting a therapist.

8. I would like to buy access to the Journal for a larger number of women. Should I do it through the website? Or can I count on a discount?

We will come to an agreement :). Write to about this.

Why should you trust us?

TrueMe is a technological startup dealing with mental health prevention by providing simple self-awareness tools built on the latest technology, guaranteeing data security, in cooperation with experts. All exercises contained in the TrueMe Journal are verified by experts during a series of clinical trials. You can find individual studies here, and the benefits of authenticity are listed in this article. The TrueMe Journal itself has been tested by several different focus groups and our ambassadors, who have been professionally associated with psychoeducation and psychotherapy for years.

What about after the Journal?

After working with the Journal, you’ll know yourself better and have a better sense of what you need every day for your mental well-being. You may feel the need to start psychotherapy or make larger, more meaningful changes in your life. You’ll certainly cope better with stress and have more courage to live in accordance with your values. TrueMe will support you by offering a range of free online and offline events as part of the content provided to our subscribers. We are preparing further applications that build healthy habits and expand knowledge about psychoeducation. Stay in touch with us.