I am glad that sound psychological principles, backed by comprehensive research, will be transformed into a practical tool that can improve the quality of life.

Many of us live in an environment where the demands are so high that we struggle to cope with them. As a result, we may struggle with symptoms such as anxiety and depression. The problem is that many people find that medicine has its limitations, asking: “What else can I do to improve the quality of my life?”

A wide range of researchers have proven that the principles on which True Me is based are beneficial to health and can have the following effects:

  • Directly affect the brain’s alarm system (amygdala body) in case of negative circumstances, acting as a calming influence. It reduces stress, relieves trauma and aids emotional regulation.
  • Attention and working memory are improved, mood regulation is easier, which improves cognitive functioning.
  • It aids in the treatment of depression, improving mood.
  • Strengthens immune function.
  • Resistance to stress is increased. Both physical and emotional well-being are optimized.
  • There has been strong support in the literature for reducing stress and reducing anxiety, as well as reducing stress-related sleep problems.
  • The tool targets people who function under stress and teaches them how they can positively influence their daily life. It consists of activities that support problem solving under stress.
  • Positive social interactions can also be expected to increase during and after undergoing an exercise cycle, which can have an impact on mental health.

After 33 years in private practice, I am grateful for a tool that can help my patients who need more than just medication and psychotherapy. The TrueMe journal can bring a new dimension to the world of psychology – it’s scientifically proven protocols made available to people through an easy-to-use interface. 

Cizelle Louw - Clinical Psychologist

Cizelle Louw

Clinical Psychologist

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