Social Campaign launches: #wybieramsiebie

On March eighth social campaign launches: #wybieramsiebie, which is organized by TrueMe, a technology start-up that creates simple-to-use, high-tech tools to support mental health prevention and cultivate the habit of taking care of one’s mental well-being.

Duration of the campaign: 08.03. – 20.06.2024

The goal of the #wybieramsiebie campaign, aimed at women, is to emphasize the importance of mental health prevention and finding time exclusively for oneself.

According to many widely available studies, depression and other mental disorders are becoming the most important social problem. Women in the modern world have many roles and often suffer from professional and parental burnout. We often pay a high price, experiencing extreme fatigue, overexertion and mental crises.

The TrueMe campaign wants to draw attention to the need to care about oneself And your well-being. The organizers want to extend the notion of systematic daily care to the interior and emphasize that Women’s Day should be celebrated every day. Let’s treat our mind with as much tenderness as we treat our complexion – since we lubricate ourselves with cream every day, there’s nothing to prevent us from also taking five minutes to see what’s going on inside us, to get to know ourselves, to respond with tenderness to our wants and needs, to name our emotions and values that we hold dear.