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Aleksandra Łoś

Aleksandra Łoś


She has worked in the IT industry for over 14 years, including for: Accenture, Microstrategy, Boston Scientific, World Health Organization, BSV Blockchain, Polish Blockchain Association. She is the founder of 2 start-ups, Together and Labo Now, and a Business Angel – she invests in start-ups using blockchain technology. She is also an executive coach and co-founder of the brand TrueMe.

Małgorzata Żebrowska

Małgorzata Żebrowska


Manager for more than a dozen years in multinational corporations, publishing houses, NGOs; focused on process improvement and communication. Journalist, editor, reviewer, author of published and award-winning short stories and creative writing courses for women. She is an ICF certified and practicing coach. Co-founder of TrueMe.

Diana Dyba

Diana Dyba


An entrepreneur with 18 years of experience. She has comprehensive professional experience in the areas of creative marketing, brand management and business development. Creator and producer of the social action Let’s Do It Together for Bees and the Great Bee Show supporting nature and climate protection by caring for biodiversity and wild bees. Co-founder of TrueMe.

We know how to support each other

We have several years of experience working with women and know very well what challenges they face.

Research* shows that the technology industry increasingly needs women. Let’s be part of it – on our terms and with care for us.

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*source: “Women in tech statistics: The latest research and trends”, David Needle,

“Nothing stays the same. The only thing you can be sure of in life is change.”



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