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The founders of TrueMe believe that authenticity is the key to positive relationships, productivity, creativity and transformation.
TrueMe’s mission is to provide cutting-edge tools and platforms to discover and develop what is true in us.
We believe that transparency and data privacy are essential to create a trustworthy space where experts can safely provide support to our community.

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Latest webinar

Mental well-being from the perspective of brain function and stress regulation.

In the face of today’s challenges, the pace of life and daily stress have a significant impact on our mental and physical health, and chronic stress is experienced by the majority of people in the Western world.

During the next TrueMe webinar, we will focus on how knowing ourselves helps us achieve positive changes in the brain, building our sense of agency, balance and good relationships with our surroundings.

We will be speaking with Dr. Asia Podgorska . Doctor of biological sciences in the discipline of biochemistry (with a specialty in neurochemistry) Scientific consultant, author of scientific publications, popular science, monographs, articles on medical and dietary topics and educational materials. Chair of the Program Council of the Wise Future Foundation, Educator and Member of the Margaret Braunek “Be” Foundation. Host of the show/podcast “Podgorska in general” on Newonce Radio, where she popularizes science, a profile on Instagram (joanpodgorska) and a blog (, on which he shares scientific reports/considerations with his Recipients. In his educational activities, he mainly addresses issues related to neuroscience.

The good life

  • Strengthening self-confidence, mental toughness and leadership capabilities
  • Experience, knowledge and empathy to support each other
  • workshops
  • webinars
  • educational materials
  • coaching meetings
  • group trips


  • Focus on the technology industry and its mental health needs
  • modern information storage technology
  • Special programs for technology companies to support their CSR policy tasks
TrueMe provides friendly, intuitive tools to help users get to know themselves better. Using our support, they will reach authenticity, which is the basis for a fulfilled life, both in the personal and professional space.

6 pillars

good life

In today’s world, we face many challenges related to work and personal life. Professional work is an important part of daily life for many women. It is necessary to take care of mental health in its context as well.

According to a study by Dr. Andrew Huberman, Ph. Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph. Paul Conti and Alyssa Vitti’s good life is based on six pillars:

  1. Dream
  2. Exposure to light and darkness
  3. Traffic
  4. Nutrition
  5. Social relations
  6. Stress control

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